Swift: Converting String to Double

Converting a string to double is easy in Swift. (swiftString as NSString).doubleValue ` does the trick. The following example just works fine But if you are using a *'thousand separator' in your string, things are getting messy ... Or if you are using a coma instead of a dot as the decimal separator »

Template Error Page for Ghost(Pro)

This post will show you hove to create a template for an error.hbs file for your template to replace the built-in error messages from Ghost.org and Ghost(Pro) by your own. Creating your own handle for error messages in Ghost is straightforward and very simple. All you need to do »

How to add a favicon.ico to Ghost(Pro)

First of all you will need your desired icon in the .ico format. Next you have to embed it into your theme. This is well described in Ghost's User guide tutorial "How do I add a Favicon to my blog?". The ".ico"-format was originally developed by Microsoft. You can read more »


Deutsche Version hier - Support: Facebook Page. Madhumeha stands for diabetes in Hindi. Madhumeha for iOS can be downloaded from here. This small application allows you to calculate your demand of insulin, according to the nutrition values of your meal. Firstly, you need to tell the application the amount of carbohydrate (in »

7 Use Cases For The First Apple Watch

After yesterday’s keynote from Apple, you might be asking yourself if you will need an Apple Watch or not. What are possible use cases? Is it a gadget only, or can it add value to some of your workflows? I don’t want to discuss if that device is too expensive »

Microsoft's New Decade

A lot of people think that I hate Microsoft and often those people are trying to convince me how great, and excellent Microsoft is. There is no need to convince me. Microsoft is still building fantastic products. Until today neither Google Docs nor open source products, can compete with the Office Suite, »

How-to Steer Online Behavioral Advertising

Tomorrow Facebook will change its privacy policy and at least in Germany you can read today tremendously ridiculous articles in newspapers. You can read the details here. Most articles are not explaining what will happen, but are only stating that people should either leave Facebook instantly or to solely use Facebook in »

Book Review: Your Firm Everywhere Now

Michael Alf  – Your Firm Everywhere Now The book “Your Firm Everywhere Now“, available in paper format and in a Kindle version, is a crisp but entertaining reading about the do’s and don’ts of self-marketing and self-branding. Like Michael, I have a consultancy background, studied something completely different and I quit »

What If We Built Our Service Management Stack from Scratch?

Just for a moment, I want to imagine that it is 2002 again.  That’s about the time when we started moving away from the concept of Help Desk Ticketing Software and into the realm of Service Management Software.  Service Management software includes things like a CMDB (or CMS for you ITIL »

Disruption Is Not the Real Challenge

I’ve been thinking about “disruption” a lot these days. I remember reading this article from back in September 2013, describing how the term has become a meaningless cliché. While I don’t know if I would go as far as believing that people are giving a collective eye roll every time »